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-====== About this Site ====== 
-===== RIP Lenin ===== 
-In early 2017, Lenin died and lost most of its data.  This site should have everything we were able to recover.  If you have any data (public or private) that we should add, please email the comptrollers. 
-===== Making an Account ===== 
-Darbs should have received an email about setting up an account. If you can't find the email or need help, email the comptrollers. 
-===== Accessibility Mode ===== 
-For users that find the website's fonts or backgrounds distracting, //accessibility mode// will turn off all distracting backgrounds, set all fonts to Helvetica, and replace all italics with underlining. 
-You can toggle accessibility mode by clicking the checkbox in the footer of every page or by using the "A" access key (control-option-A on Mac, alt-A or alt-shift-A on Windows and Linux). 
-If you have any issues using the site, please email the comptrollers about how we might be able to help with that. 
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