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Board Games

Borrowing Games

If you're not a Darb and would like to borrow a game, please notify a Darb before taking it and bring it back as soon as possible. Also, note that some games stored in the Dabney collection belong to specific Darbs and should be treated with extra care.

Online Catalog

You can view a list of games in the Dabney collection here. Darbs should keep this list up to date (see the Hovse Accounts page for details about that).

Organization Notes

  • Put games back where you found them. Location within a shelf isn't super important as long as things fit together, but putting board games back on the shelf you got them from makes it a lot easier for people to find their favorite games, and helps keep similar games together. Note that the lower shelves are used for larger board games, while the top shelves are used for the smaller, palm-sized boxes (with the exception of the rightmost top shelf, which is reserved for Magic and other card games, so that we don't get random cards everywhere again). The games are also vaguely sorted by type/popularity, but there isn't a hard and fast rule for what games belong with each other.
  • Keep board games and their expansions together (note that 7 wonders, Dominion, Catan, Pandemic, etc are all confined with their expansions to the same shelf so that they're easy to find)
  • Don't make a mess. The board games are packed pretty tightly right now, which makes it slightly harder to get at some games, but overall it's much cleaner and easier to access than when we had a giant pile of board games just sitting on the floor. Remember to treat the games kindly, because a good proportion of them are on loan from Darbs who would be really sad if pieces got lost or damaged.
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