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 =====Dabney House Rules===== =====Dabney House Rules=====
-===Settlers of Catan===+====Settlers of Catan====
   * Using the Seafarers expansion   * Using the Seafarers expansion
   * The pirate ship also blocks ports   * The pirate ship also blocks ports
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   * Gold cannot have a 6 or 8   * Gold cannot have a 6 or 8
   * If there is a tie for the largest army, no players gain the achievement   * If there is a tie for the largest army, no players gain the achievement
-  * Use [[|Gambler's Fallacy Dice]]+  * Use [[|Gambler's Fallacy Dice]]
 +====Secret Hitler====
 +  * When exactly three policies remain in the draw pile, reshuffle iff the number of players is even. (This reduces information, giving the Fascists a slight advantage when they are outnumbered.)
 +  * When playing a series of games, the Hitler of each game is the first Presidential Candidate in the next.
 +  * Suicide is technically allowed by the [[|official rules]] ("The President executes one player at the table by saying 'I formally execute [player name]'"), but that's bad, so house rule is you must kill some //other// player.
 +=====Dabney Game Variants=====
 +==== Don't Mess with Cthulhu ====
 +=== (n-1)-thulhu ===
 +  * In each round, before looking at any cards, randomly select one card to not look at, look at the rest, and reshuffle hand.
 +=== (n-1+1)-thulhu ===
 +  * In each round, look at all of your cards. Then, shuffle your cards, and randomly pass one to the player on your left. Shuffle your cards plus the card you received from the player on the right. Play proceeds normally, but claims naturally pass uncertainty between players. 
 +  * In the final round, do not pass cards.
 +=== "Probably an Investigator" ===
 +  * Do not distribute roles until (the floor of) half of the Elder Signs have been revealed.
 +=== The Vegan ===
 +  * Mark one Investigator role card as [[|"the Vegan"]]
 +  * The Vegan wins iff they personally reveal half of the Elder Signs -- make sure to keep track of how many signs everyone reveals in case they're the vegan -- or if they personally reveal Cthulhu.
 +==== Secret Hitler ====
 +=== Honor Code Hitler ===
 +  * Chancellor enacts policies on either board face down.
 +  * Everything else is the same.
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