Capital Improvements

Dabney is allocated a termly budget to obtain various items to improve the house. Towards the beginning of each term, Darbs meet in the lounge to propose and vote on items to buy. You can also submit item recommendations by contacting the Vice President.

Term 2021SP (and 2020WI) (and also 2020FA, we have a backlog)

Improvement Total Price Status
Refrigerator Baking Soda $5.00 Pending
Donut Pans $10.00 Acquired
Presidential Bean Socks $21.32 Acquired
Artificial Rose Petals $14.00 Pending
Goose Poster $30.00 Pending
Large Platypus $30.00 Pending
Hisoka Body Pillow $30.00 Pending
Body Pillow $25.00 Pending
Shrek Plush $13.00 Pending
Big Mouth Billy Bass $50.00 Pending
Beans for All Darbs $52.00 Pending
Total for 2021SP $300.32
Crab Fund $300.00 Pending
Total for 2020WI $300.00
Big Paper (for motto) $20.00 Pending
Impact Driver $125.00 Pending
Power Strips $30.00 Pending
Epoxy Resin $15.00 Pending
Wall Paint $60.00 Pending
Superglue $4.00 Pending
Markers $8.00 Pending
Gaffer Tape $15.00 Pending
Aux Cable $7.00 Pending
Creeper Crunch $15.00 Maggie
AWS Server $1.00 Pending/Questionable
Total for 2020FA $300.00

Term 2019FA

Improvement Total Price Status
Bet it all on black $21.69 Failure to bet correctly
Grill Brush $20.00 Acquired
Cake Tins $30.00 Acquired
Duct Tape $10.00 Acquired
Super Glue $3.00 Acquired
Allen Keys $6.00 Acquired
Adhesive Blackboard $20.00 Acquired
Dead of Winter $60.00 Acquired
Food Processor $40.00 Acquired
Roulette Wheel (illegal) $12.00 Acquired
Compressed air (4 cans) $17.00 Acquired
Bear Pit Elephants (2 fella) $30.00 Awaiting Acquisition
Impact driver $30.00 Acquired
Total $299.69
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