Ditch Day

Adapted from an email sent by RJ in spring of 2018.

The final curfew is 10:30PM for lounge/courtyard and 11:30PM for campus. Violating these curfews will make seniors sad.

  • Clothing: you will want to wear weather-appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and comfortable athletic shoes. You need to bring a water bottle, pen and paper for puzzles, your Caltech and Government ID, and a small backpack/bag to carry your items. We highly recommend you bring an external battery pack for your phone, as you will certainly want to take pictures of your day! Don't forget to charge them. If you have extras, label them with your name and bring them to lend to your co-stackees.
  • Do not leave your room early! You are of course allowed to set an alarm for yourself if you want more time to get dressed in the morning. Try not to go out to get breakfast or shower or anything until you hear the music from the courtyard and/or the banging of pots and pans! Don’t worry, breakfast will be provided for you.
  • At 7:40AM, music will start playing and seniors will start banging pots and pans. This is your signal to go to the courtyard, take a look at all the stacks, and start lining up. Do not start lining up before then. Do not leave your room before you hear the music/banging. (If you are coming from off campus, please wait in the lounge until you hear the music/banging.)
  • Stacks will be filled on a first come, first serve basis, but signups will not begin until each stack has the appropriate number of people. A senior will be present by every sign up sheet to make sure that stacks have the right number of people. If more people show up than there are slots, the latest arrivers will be sent away to sign up for another stack. All non-overflow spots must be filled before overflow spots are opened up.
  • Actual stack sign ups will begin at 8AM. Sign up for the stack you are lined up for.
  • Ditch Day activities will begin at 8:05AM
  • Ditch Day activities end at 5:00PM. Stacks can sometimes end an hour early or late due to unforeseeable circumstances. If you have a time conflict, please contact the seniors in advance.
  • Don’t mess up clues for other stacks! Clues for your stack should be clearly labeled, don’t ruin other people’s fun.
  • If a stack requires you to bring anything special, it will be noted and you will be given time to retrieve those items.
  • Stacks are meant to be enjoyed, not sped through. If you are reading a clue aloud, enunciate and read it slowly so everyone on your stack can understand. Stack elements/puzzles are designed to be run at a fun enjoyable pace, not at maximum possible speed. When moving between locations please walk, there is no need to run. Take your time, have fun, and remember that Stacks are about the journey, they are not a race.
  • Don’t be a jerk. Don’t break anything unless given directions to do so. Follow instructions on your stack. (If you do not want to participate in an activity, you do not have to do so.) Use your common sense. (Or borrow your friend’s)
  • Have fun! Seniors put a lot of work into making this day enjoyable for you Frosh! We hope you have a good time.
  • Things and areas covered in black plastic and/or labeled with “Seniors Only” are OFF LIMITS! Please don’t spoil Ditch Day. Not only will you be ruining the surprise for yourself, but you’ll be disrespecting all the hard work Seniors put into building Ditch Day. Going in off limits areas is a violation of the honor code. Don’t do it, kids.
  • Go to bed Frosh, Ditch Day is Tomorrow!
  • Many of the fun activities you will do on Ditch Day are reusable! So, please do not damage, take down, or alter stack elements after (or during) Ditch Day (unless you are instructed to do so).
  • In the days following Ditch Day, many Seniors will re-run selected activities from their stack for new batches of Frosh. The Seniors put in tons of hard work making Ditch Day happen, and allowing more than one set of people to use the creations makes the Senior's hard work pay off even more.
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