Printer Name Location Hostname/Address Model Alive?
Love Dabney Library love.caltech.edu
Brother MFC-9970CDW (Print/Scan/Copy) Alive
Freedom Dabney Library (formerly Treehovse kitchen) nonwireless? Dell Color Laser 1320c Ded
Hope A7 storage closet hope.caltech.edu
Brother MFC-9970CDW (Print/Scan/Copy) Offline
Joy Dabney Computer Lab
HP LaserJet 500 Color M551 (Print) B/W Toner Only
Peace Dabney Computer Lab
Brother MFC-8710DW (Print/Scan/Copy) (Black/White) Offline

Note that you must connect from the Caltech network or using the VPN.

If your computer finds the desired printer automatically, use that. Otherwise, you'll have to add it by IP address.

  • Instructions for Windows:
    • Start > Settings (gear icon) > Devices > Printers & scanners > Add a printer or scanner
    • If desired printer is not found:
      • The printer that I want isn't listed
      • Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname
      • paste in given IP address for both Hostname or IP Address and Port name
      • Ensure that Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use is checked
      • Enter the printer name.
      • Do not share this printer
    • If driver detection is unsuccessful, you may need to install and select the Brother Color Type3 Class Driver (that one worked for me on Love and Hope)
  • Instructions for Mac:
    • Go to System Preferences > Printers & Scanners > + > Add printer or scanner… > IP
    • Enter the IP address in the Address: field
    • Make sure “Internet Printing Protocol - IPP” is selected
    • Enter the printer name in the Name: field
    • Click “add”
  • Instructions for Ubuntu:
    • System Settings > Printers > Add > Network Printer > Find Network Printer
    • Paste IP address or hostname into the Host field
    • Enter the printer name
    • Proceed, installing recommended driver (I used openprinting-gutenprint)

Alive? No.

Dabney printers can be printed to by emailing dabneyprimt@gmail.com or dabneyprint@gmail.com. Here's how:

  • Attach PDFs of what you want printed to an email.
  • Include the name of the printer you want to use in the subject line.
    • Qualified printers are “Love”, “Hope”, “Peace”, and “Joy”; case insensitive.
    • The subject line may include other text.
  • Address the email to dabneyprimt@gmail.com and send.
  • Your document(s) should print within about 60 sec. If they don't, please let a comptroller know.

Protips and the like:

  • Avoid sharing this with non-Darbs so our server/printers don't get spammed with print jobs.
  • To print multiple copies, attach the document multiple times to the email.
  • Size limit for one entire email is 20 MiB.
  • If something doesn't print, it may have gotten caught in spam. I'm in the process of whitelisting darbs, but in the meantime, contact a comptroller if this happens.
  • Lenin is currently colourblind, so anything printed via ETP will be greyscale.
  • The print driver will attempt to print most documents you attach. PDFs are guaranteed to print; you're welcome to test whether other filetypes work too.
  • If the printer hangs on “receiving data”, click “cancel”. The printer will likely then print your documents. Don't ask me why this works.
  • If the primter jams while primting, follow the instructions on the primter to fix the jam. Any pages not fully primted due to the jam will be primted again, so don't feel the need to email to primt again.

Brother MFC-9970CDW (Love, Hope)

  • Brother TN-315X (high yield) or Brother TN-310X (standard yield),
  • where X is C (Cyan), M (Magenta), Y (Yellow), K (Black).

Brother MFC-8710DW (Peace)

  • Undocumented.

HP LaserJet 500 Color M551 (Joy)

  • HP 507X (high-yield, black only) and HP 507A (standard yield, CMYK)
  • X and A are not variables, they're part of the model number. Color comes after (as in “507A magenta”).
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