Fall Room Picks Rules Updated 4/20...19

Adapted from an email from this Google doc that Catrin (Secretary) sent on April 12, 2019

There are three different housing options: in one of the eight houses (“on campus”), in Caltech-affiliated housing that isn't one of the eight houses, or in non-Caltech affiliated housing (“off campus”).

The cost of Caltech-affiliated housing depends on what you choose. The pricings are final and listed on the Caltech housing site as follows:

Option Cost
On-Campus House $3,176.00/term + full board charges
Avery House Double/Triple $3,176.00/term + full board charges
Avery House Single $3,590.00/term + full board charges
Avery House Suite Single $3,590.00/term + full board charges
Marks / Braun House Single* $3,590.00/term + full board charges
Bechtel Multi-Bed Suite $3,176.00 + full board charges
Bechtel Individual Single $3,590.00/term + full board charges

*Marks/Braun singles will not be available unless the extra space is needed for undergrads

Board fees are required for On-Campus Houses, Avery, Bechtel, Marks and Braun House residents. The rate will be $2,343.00/term for the anytime plan or $2,108.00/term for the flex plan (similar to Feynman but cheaper).

If you are a full member of multiple houses, you can choose to live in any of them. If you want to participate in Dabney's room picks, you may not participate in any other house's room picks. You may participate in Bechtel First Round Picks and choose to participate in Dabney picks before signing a contract for Bechtel/Marks/Braun. This is non-negotiable.

For more information, you can always check out the housing website.

It is generally advisable that you participate in at least one house's room picks; you can always participate in the off-campus room picks if you don't get a room with a house. Also, Dabney room vacancies are generally filled in room pick order, so it is good to get on the list.

Based on this Google doc.

There exist four different ranks to choose from, each with a different numerical pick value. Each year for fall roompicks, an individual chooses which rank they will be. These ranks are A, B, C, and D. Ranks A, B, and C can only be used once by an individual (i.e. no individual can choose to be rank A for two different fall roompicks in Dabney). Rank D can be used as many times as an individual desires. The secretary will keep track of which ranks have already used by each Darb. Importantly, these ranks are only used if a Darb actually picks into Dabney during fall roompicks. This is to avoid punishing those who would prefer to live in Bechtel but sign up for Dabney roompicks just in case and to allow Darbs to move into Dabney should rooms open up in the middle of the year.

First, people decide which rank they will be using, with value adjustments made for any relevant house positions. Rooms are picked in terms of descending pick value. Within a given value, rooms are picked in terms of reverse off-campus lottery result (i.e. the later your off campus pick is, the earlier your Dabney roompick is).

The picking order and numerical value of ranks is as follows:

Rank Name Pick Value
A 4.0
B 3.0
C 2.0
D 1.0

Modifications for Spring 2019

In the year of 2019 only, ranks previously used will be back generated as follows: members of Dabney who have previously picked on as a sophomore have used their C rank, and members of Dabney who have previously picked on as a junior have used their B rank.

To give promised priority to seniors who have chosen to live off in previous years to receive a higher priority as a senior, seniors picking with an A rank receive a +0.2 boost to pick value if they lived out of the house both sophomore and junior years and a +0.1 boost to pick value if they lived out of the house one of those two years. This is not expected to change the ability of any non-senior to pick a room in the house.

House Positions

The following positions receive changes to pick values as follows:

  • President (5.4)
  • Vice President (5.3)
  • Secretary (5.2)
  • 2x Social Vice Presidents (5.1)
  • Steward (5.0)

The following positions receive boosts to their pick value:

  • Garb Darb (+0.5)
  • Comptroller (+0.5)
  • Ath. Man (+0.2)

Note that additive boosts cannot boost excomm pick values. For example, a member of the house who is Vice President and Garb Darb would still have a pick value of 5.3.

The following positions receive guaranteed ons:

  • 4x Peer Advocates
  • Captain Planet
  • Historian
  • 1 of the 2 Comptrollers
  • BoC Chair (if a member of Dabney)
  • BoC Secretary (if a member of Dabney)
  • ASCIT President (if a member of Dabney)
  • IHC Chair (if a member of Dabney)
  • If no other active members of the BoC live in Dabney, 1 of the 2 BoC reps will be guaranteed an on.

Guaranteed ons:

A guaranteed on guarantees a Darb a bed in Dabney regardless of pick value. A Darb using a guaranteed on will either pick when their pick comes up or pick for the last available rooms (whichever comes first). They still choose and use a rank. If picking for the last available rooms with a guaranteed on, they cannot pull anyone into the house. The secretary will reach out to those eligible for guaranteed ons to determine if they wish to use them.

Multi Occupancy Rooms

Before the day of roompicks, the secretary will evaluate how many beds will be reserved for frosh and guaranteed ons. The remaining number of beds (N) will be considered. The secretary will determine the first N people in the pick order to be colored green. The remaining people of the same pick value as the last person colored green will be colored yellow.

During the day of roompicks, pulls into multi occupancy rooms work as follows:

  • A person selects a multi occupancy room as they would a single during roompicks. They then must “pull” somebody lower in the picks order to fill a room to minimum occupancy.
  • The second person pulled into a double must be on the green list, on the yellow list, or have a guaranteed on.
  • The second person pulled into the triple must meet the above requirements. The third person can be any Darb not occupying another room.
  • All multi occupancy rooms must be picked with the assumption that they will be filled at least to minimum occupancy for the following year, barring some cases of study abroad.
  • If somebody wishes to fill a room above minimum occupancy (e.g. picking a large double as a triple), additional parties can be any Darb eligible for fall roompicks.

Special Circumstances

If a Darb picks into a room for the fall using Rank X and must leave that room after one term or less, they may contact the Secretary to be allowed to pick as Rank X in future fall roompicks.

If a Darb has a special living circumstance, they should notify the Secretary before roompicks with a signed note from a dean discussing the accommodation (e.g. a need to be in the ADA room, a need to be on campus, a need for a single, etc.). The Secretary won't need (or accept) any other justification.

Contact the Secretary for any further questions or accommodations.

Summer roompicks happen in three phases:

  1. Squatting - if a member of a house lived in a room the previous spring term, they have priority on staying in it over the summer.
  2. Settling - if a room is not occupied after phase 1, the resident who plans to occupy that room in the fall has priority.
  3. Summer lottery - if a room is still unoccupied after phases 1 and 2, it is available to the rest of the house. All members of the house who have not already chosen rooms for the summer have summer lottery numbers generated randomly and pick from remaining rooms in that order.

Note that all doubles and triples must be fully occupied. For example, if you plan on settling into your fall double, but your roommate is not present for the summer, you must find someone willing to room with you for the summer. You may pull anyone eligible to live in the house not already planning on occupying another room.

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