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Office Name
President Sophie Piao
Vice President Richard Chen
Secretary Daniel Magley
Social VPs Morgaine Mandigo-Stoba
Amrita Rhoads
Steward Dan Xu

Other Positions

Office Name
Comptrollers George Stathopoulos
Nicholas Currault
Historian Shu Fay
Athman William Xu
Garb Darb Andrea Hands Arocha
Tool Tzar Andrea Hands Arocha
Alchemist Kenyon Prater
Captain Planet Logan Apple
BoC Reps Cole Brabec
Sarida Pratuangtham
CRC Rep Lydia Kivrak
ARC Rep Arushi Gupta
Head Waiters Harel Dor
Amrita Rhoads

Student Resources

Darbs should also refer to the map of student resources and contact info.

Health Advocates

  • Nadine Bradbury
  • Daniel Magley
  • Jessica Wang
  • Helen Xue
  • Arlindo Chan Borges
  • Morgaine Mandigo-Stoba
  • Amrita Rhoads
  • Milan Roberson
  • Cole Brabec (in training)
  • Andrea Hands Arocha (in training)
  • Kenyon Prater (in training)

Peer Advocates

  • Morgaine Mandigo-Stoba
  • Andrea Hands Arocha
  • Arushi Gupta
  • Sarida Pratuangtham

IMSS Representatives

  • Nicholas Currault
  • Reggy Granovskiy
  • Milan Roberson
  • Louis Santos
  • George Stathopoulos
  • Max Wang
  • Dan Xu
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