Hovse Accounts

  • Username: dabneyhovse
  • Password: DEI42069
  • To add a new board game, use the search feature to locate the game's page, click on “Add To Collection” at the bottom of the banner (just below “My Rating”), and check off “Own”. If instead of “Add To Collection”, you see “In Collection (Own)”, then we already have a copy of that board game.
  • To add a second copy of a board game, or to note yourself as the proper owner of a game, click on “In Collection (Own)”, then on “Edit”, and add a comment describing what's going on.
  • Username: dabneyhovse
  • Password: mudhuts42069
  • Logging in on a new device requires a two-factor code that is emailed to the Vice President.
  • Please only play the games on this account in a setting open to all Darbs (e.g. in the lounge)
  • Username: DabneyEatsIt
  • Password: DabneyEatsIt
  • This is a ~10 Gb/month free VPN service.
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