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Welcome to Dabney!

Dabney Hovse is one of the eight fine Houses at the California Institute of Technology. Members of Dabney Hovse are referred to as Darbs, a combination of the name of the Hovse with a 1920's slang term darb, meaning something or someone very handsome, valuable, attractive, or otherwise excellent.

Welcome Prefrosh!

Dear Prefrosh,

As you may be aware, on-campus events at Caltech have been cancelled. This does not mean that the community has just disappeared, it just migrated everywhere. Community is an important aspect to your experience at Tech (and at any other university), and since we didn't want you to go without that Prefrosh Experience we wanted to get the chance to share some of our community with you. Feel free to explore through the various areas of this wiki and know that the stuff below has been created especially for you all to enjoy and get some of that community that makes so many of the things we do fun and worth it.

Lots of Love,

Dabney Hovse

Awesome Prefrosh Stuff!

Hovse Info

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