Those looking to exit their automobiles can park on Caltech's campus or on Pasadena streets. See below for the regulations. Caltech and Pasadena change their rules from time to time, so to fully eliminate risk, you should check the pages linked below. And as with everything on this site, if you see something out of date, update it!

Parking doesn't seem to be free(er) during holidays.

Also of possible interest is the Dabney's address page.

Check Caltech Parking for the latest info. Official regulations are here.


Don't park in

  • red zones,
  • the Ath lot,
  • the sync lot (the driveway just west outside of Dabney),
  • any covered parking lot apart from the one on California Blvd or the one on Wilson Ave or
  • the driveway south between Dabney and Blacker.

The parking map is currently down, but can usually be found here.

Below are places you can park according to the regulations listed below. Other locations may be available for a short duration, such as the 4hr parking on Wilson Ave.

  • Wilson Parking Structure.
  • California Blvd Parking Structure near the Braun Athletic Center


Enforcement hours: Campus parking costs weekdays 7am to 5pm. For these hours, you can either purchase a permit or a visitor pass. Permits cost $60 per mo. Visitor passes can be purchased at the payment machines for various rates; e.g. 1 hr costs $2.

Free hours: Parking is free outside of enforcement hours, i.e. 5pm to 7am on weekdays and all day on weekends. You still can't park on red zones and really shouldn't park in the sync lot.

Violations: Your first, or maybe first two, will probably be a warning; then you'll be charged $52.

Check the city's page for the latest info.

Most city streets are well signed and well enforced. Most parking violations will cost you $52. Signs usually apply to the whole block, with the notable exception of California Ave.

  • Don't park in red zones.
  • Don't park on any city streets 2am to 6am; enforced daily.
  • California Blvd is free between the South Hovses and Wilson Ave, both sides.
  • Del Mar Blvd is no-parking along campus in the morning and afternoon (check signs for specific times).
  • Wilson Ave is mostly 4hr parking along campus.
  • Hill Ave is mostly 2hr parking along campus until 4pm and not enforced thereafter.
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