To be added to a list, ask the current Secretary. To be removed from a list, follow the unsubscribe link in the bottom of each email.

All Darbs have the right to be on:

Only full members are subscribed to:

Telegram is a messaging app that is popular among Darbs. You should make an account! To join most of these chats, you can follow these invite links from a device where you're logged in to Telegram.

Chats may be limited to current Darbs only, Darbs and Dabney alumni, or simply be open to Darbs and any of their friends. Additionally, some chats tolerate differing levels of spam and off-topic conversations.

Chat Posting Chat uses @LA_Chat_Organization_Bot to keep a list of all chats with categories – much cleaner and more organized than this page. Below are only some of the chats.

  • Dabney 2021-2022, the main Hovse chat, pertains to anything current Darbs should know about. Membership in this chat should be limited to current full and social Darbs. Spam-light.
  • d🆎ney and alumni, a main chat for Darbs and alumni. Spam-light.
  • The Chat (probably not actual name), a shitposting chat that includes several years of alumni. You can add friends and family, everyone's an unkickable admin, and the name is always changing. Spam-heavy.
  • Socteam, a chat for planning social events. Contact the Social VPs to be added.
  • DABney Waiters, a chat containing Hovse waiters. Contact a head waiter to be added.
  • Title IX Ads, a chat for Title IX Advocate trained students. Get trained to be added.
  • OwOrange Watch Trained (Sober Squad), a chat for Orange Watch trained individuals. Get trained to be added.
  • NSFW:
    • Note: These two chats include NSFW content and were created so that such content would have a place to go without bothering people who did not want to see it. DM to see usually includes non-erotic (but sometimes sexual) content, while h*rny ch*t contains sexual content. You are welcome to join and leave either chat at your leisure, and there are no social consequences to doing so.
    • DM to see, a chat for content disturbing/NSFW content.
    • h*rny ch*t, a chat for sexual NSFW content.
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