Telegram is a messaging app notable for its open API (bots!) and stickers. A lot of Darbs use it (and have groups, which you can see here).

Pack Name/Link Author
Big Clappy Amrita
darb board games ?
chinese masseuse Sophie
pasta abbreviated Richard
Free me Cayla
yes I know what Wang means Michelle Wang
Calfech ?
The José Pack José
distresso espresso Milan
Triple Gay Cayla?
Secret Hitler Nicholas
Jess-senpai Dan
DarbJuice Harel
Thicc Alex Bourzutschky
DABney Richard?
cthulhu Kenyon
Betrayal Nicholas
Snood Aaron Anderson
alone on a friday night Sophie
Powerful Forwards Sophie
Kenyon Consolidated Kenyon
Shitty Candy Heards ?
Wang Words of Wisdom Michelle Wang
Bot handle Description Author Hosted where?
@Nice69Bot Replies to messages containing “69” with “Heh, that's the SEX number!” Nicholas AWS
@cumslurpslorgbot Forwards messages containing “cum” among chats Nicholas AWS
@Darb_Copypasta_Bot responds to some slashtags with copypasta Nicholas AWS
@amrita_dick_bot responds to certain keywords with a sticker that reads “just like MY DICK” Nicholas AWS, disabled in certain chats
@TagYourselfBot allows users to plot themselves on graphs Nicholas AWS
@SecretHitlerGame_Bot allows users to play online Secret Hitler Nicholas AWS
@cthulhu_game_bot allows users to play online Don't Mess with Cthulhu Amrita AWS
@ez_stickers_bot A tool that will make stickers from arbitrary size images, uploaded as a file or photo. Ray AWS

If you want access to the AWS server so you can manage bots, talk to Kenyon or Nick. Page describing the setup of the server coming soon.

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