Adapted from an email sent by Dmag in October 2018

Shortly after someone applies to be a Social Member, all Full Members will get an email to securely vote. Voting closes one week after they apply.

To get accepted a person needs 5 points and for Excomm to not veto them.

  • No = Abstain = 0
  • Yes = 1

If you have a Case Of Concern Kneeding attention (COCK) (any reason why the applicant becoming a Social Member would negatively impact your membership in Dabney), let any member of Excomm know before the vote closes.

Adapted from an email sent by Dmag in May 2018

When an applicant applies to be a full member of Dabney Hovse, they announce their intent to apply during hovse dinner. The applicant is instructed to interact with the house over the next week (plus or minus a few days) so the hovse can get to know them. After the end of this period, a membership meeting is held at the end of hovse dinner.

The details of how membership meetings work vary on a house by house basis, and the specifics of how our membership meetings work should be kept to to Full Darbs only.

During the membership meeting, the secretary will moderate a discussion about the applicant. If you agree with what someone has said, put your thumbs up. If you disagree with what someone has said, raise your hand and tell us why! Generally, comments should tell us something about why the applicant would or wouldn't make a good Darb and be based on facts rather than rumor.

Once the discussion portion is completed, we put our heads down and vote on the person. You have four options:

  • Abstain (value = 0)
  • Yes, I want this person in Dabney (value = +1)
  • No, I don't want this person in Dabney (value = -1)
  • Who? (value = -1/2)

The secretary will sum up the votes, and any >0 vote means that the applicant become a Darb.

Being a full member of Dabney comes with two privileges: the right to live in Dabney and the right to be able to say how we run the house (i.e. vote in any elections, run for house positions). The general advice that I've heard for deciding how to vote is to ask yourself if you would be comfortable giving said person those two privileges. With that being said, whether you want someone in the house is ultimately a personal decision so use whatever metric you want. Feel free to discuss different philosophies regarding membership voting with your fellow Darbs (outside of the membership meeting).

Absentee votes may be emailed to the secretary by midnight the night before each vote if you cannot attend hovse dinner.

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