Welcome to Dabney!

Welcome to Dabney, frosh! You're now a Darb, a combination of the name of the Hovse with a 1920's slang term darb, meaning something or someone very handsome, valuable, attractive, or otherwise excellent.

Please fill out this info survey ASAP if you haven't already! It includes important information (such as sharing your email) for getting on the hovse mailing lists and the hovse wiki.

Also submit your address and size on the frosh t-shirt order form! Don't worry about shipping, hovse funds are paying for the shirts. If you're international, Customink can't ship directly to you, so email or message your shirt size to the Garb Darb, Danny Wendt at or @acceleraptor on Telegram (see below for more info on Telegram) and we'll figure it out.

You should have received an email about setting up an account! If you can't find the email or need help, e-mail our current comptroller, Noah Ortiz.

You need to make a wiki account before proceeding to the subsequent items.

Telegram and e-mail lists are two of the primary ways Darbs stay connected! We also use Discord for dinners and some social events.

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