FAQs about Dabney and Caltech

Here are just a few questions that we remember having back when we were PreFrosh

Have a question that you feel hasn't been answered? Feel free to Ask a Darb!

Am I smart enough for Caltech?

Yes, you are smart enough for Caltech. For most people, the way of teaching / the content at Caltech is nothing like high school. Welcome to proof based math and actually fascinating humanities classes. I hope you come to learn and be challenged. There's a culture of collaboration here at Caltech that encourages people to work together!

What kind of people rotate into Dabney/what’s the typical Darb like?

I think the types of people that rotate into Dabney can sort of be divided into two groups: people that are more introverted in nature, and people that love to meme (these aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive). People in Dabney are really, really accepting of other people no matter how different they may be, and it’s a place where you can just be yourself. I think that encapsulates a lot of Darbs - people just being their weird selves without fear of judgment.

What is the studying culture like in Dabney?

It's a mix, but often collaboration is pretty informal (people message the chat and agree to gather in the library or dining hall and talk about a problem).

What is Dabney's alcohol culture?

The majority of Dabney drinks rarely, if at all. There's no expectation to get drunk at any of our events and many of our social events (particularly our Initiations and Interhouse) are dry, no alcohol allowed. Even in spaces where drinking is happening, there's no peer pressure to partake. (For most of freshman year, I spent a lot of time hanging out with drunk friends but never felt [the need to] dr[i]nk alcohol myself.) That said, there are some Darbs who do get dr[u]nk, and it's not frowned upon as long as you're doing it safely and respectfully.

I think our drinking culture is pretty healthy; we focus on knowing your limits, cutting your friends off when they reach theirs, and refraining from doing dangerous activities while inebriated. Dabney is one of the most active houses in Orange Watch, the student group that ensures everybody is safe at parties.

That doesn't mean we don't have fun. While a range of drinks are popular, wines and mixed drinks are probably the most common. Common settings include board game nights, dance parties, and social hours.

Also, people drink outside of their own house.

What makes your house special?

Dabney has lots of tea, very welcoming vibe, gender neutral bathrooms, good kitchen, and lots of SINGLE ROOMS. You can have a [quiet] atmosphere (never blasting music), but you're never too far away from activities or people. We also have the Millikan pumpkin drop, along with various trips.

What do you like about Dabney?

The people! But seriously, I like how memey Dabney can be. Even more seriously, I like that Dabney culture encourages a very accepting and chill atmosphere.

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